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 Our lodge has all the comforts of home. Five bedrooms complete with comforters and pillows. Two full bathrooms with all the linens. One laundry room with washer, dryer and a half bath. A full kitchen fully stocked with a 5 person island. Dining room table and chairs. Large main room with 2 couches and 3 recliners.  Two gear rooms to keep all of our hunting equipment in. Covered patio with grill and chairs. Large heated shop  where we do all the skinning and meat processing. We have spent many years building this lodge to get it where it is today.


We provide all meals for the time you are here, you are welcome to bring other food and drinks if you want. You will not go hungry, we stock up on everything. Food is available for all day sits.


Breakfast will be cereal, bagels, toast, bars etc.
Lunch will be sandwiches, chips and grilling. 

Dinner will be a large home cooked meal.


Please do your part in keeping the lodge clean and organized. Keep your personal items in your room and your hunting equipment in the gear rooms. 

Please do not steal our towels. 


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